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Share the Movement


Get the word out.

Being on the Frontline involves everyone doing their part to keep children safe and families together. Sharing Safe Families gets the word out that many in our communities are under-served and under-resourced and have no one to call when a crisis hits home. It takes whole communities to come together to protect children and preserve families.


social media

Word of mouth is still the best way to engage others. People listen to those they know. The power of social media is a powerful communication tool to share Safe Families for Children.

your friends

Think about hosting a Home Gathering. Invite your friends and family to hear more about Safe Families and share ways they can serve on the Frontlines. Contact your local chapter about opening your home to share the mission and movement of SFFC.

your church

Churches are the backbone of Safe Families and recruit volunteers to open their hearts and their homes to welcome in the stranger. Partnering with Safe Families gives opportunities for the church to live out love in their communities. Ask about our church engagement packet.

your community


Communities are the heart of the city. Sharing Safe Families with school counselors, community partners and first responders brings awareness and allows communities to work in partnership with each other. Request an information packet to share.

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